Love, life and business virtual summit with Tonya Hofmann

August 25, 2017

Through stories of great people, you will see the power that comes from living without self-pity.


E019 What’s Your Inspiration with Arnold Connelly

July 27, 2017

A country music artist with Summer Sky Music Group, Arnold Connelly goes in-depth about his craft, explaining what inspires his work.


Arnold Connelly on Youtube:




Preview-What’s Your Inspiration? E019 with Arnold Connelly

July 25, 2017

A preview of E019 with country music artist Arnold Connelly


North on 35

July 24, 2017

Song demo.  Again, A very big thank you to the Nashville Song Service!


Many blessings
Baseball's given
wins, losses 
Miles driven
Sights, sounds
Stories told
27 down 
Back on the road
North i drive the 35
not the age, it's the miles
up and down, been all around
not the age, it's the miles
Amarillo to Winnipeg 
nowhere to rest my head
twenty four hour cruise
with Jason, Johnny, Hank, the blues
Great Lakes 
to Laredo sun
Old-fashioned fun
North i drive the 35
not the age, it's the miles
up and down, been all around
not the age it's the miles

“Bullfrog Pond” The Song

July 24, 2017

A demo- A big thank you to the Nasville Song Service!!

Also in the book "Letter Kindling; Igniting, Inspiring, and Evoking the Fire Within


In the distance, geese bellow
A wholesome sight, for this young fellow 
An east wind, moves the brush
Quiet now ladies time to hush
Glad I veered off, on the red trail
Off I went, set sail 
As I write, a small mention
About a little Sunday adventure
Two times I came here, in the past
Park was closed, gait acast
There was a sign, I stopped and starred
Said hikers beware of black bear
But now i am in, third times a charm
Mama and cubs, i mean no harm
Enjoy this park, and it's beauty 
While i sit here, on my bootie
Sitting here, writing this song
On the surface, not much going on
Looking around, in a writing fog
Over here, at bullfrog pond

E018 What’s Your Inspiration with Billy Beyer

July 19, 2017

Professional Obsession

The owner/operator of Fitness Together in Basking Ridge NJ for the past 10 years, brother Billy Beyer speaks candidly about how his obsession has transformed into his lifestyle.  As a fitness trainer, he explains step-by-step how he motivates his clients to become the best version of themselves.


Preview-What’s Your Inspiration? E018 with Billy Beyer

July 19, 2017

A preview of E018 with fitness guru, Billy Beyer


E017 What’s Your Inspiration with LaWanna Parker

June 29, 2017


An award winning author of two books, a coach, and professional speaker- LaWanna Parker makes us believe in our dreams, let’s us know that we are enough, and that it’s never too late!


Preview-What’s Your Inspiration? E017 with LaWanna Parker

June 29, 2017

A preview-

Author, speaker,  coach-

LaWanna is flat-out great!


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June 24, 2017

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