What’s Your Inspiration with Fox Beyer

“Bullfrog Pond” The Song

July 24, 2017

A demo- A big thank you to the Nasville Song Service!!

Also in the book "Letter Kindling; Igniting, Inspiring, and Evoking the Fire Within


In the distance, geese bellow
A wholesome sight, for this young fellow 
An east wind, moves the brush
Quiet now ladies time to hush
Glad I veered off, on the red trail
Off I went, set sail 
As I write, a small mention
About a little Sunday adventure
Two times I came here, in the past
Park was closed, gait acast
There was a sign, I stopped and starred
Said hikers beware of black bear
But now i am in, third times a charm
Mama and cubs, i mean no harm
Enjoy this park, and it's beauty 
While i sit here, on my bootie
Sitting here, writing this song
On the surface, not much going on
Looking around, in a writing fog
Over here, at bullfrog pond