Exposing The Real Virtual Summit

February 12, 2019

With the Public Speakers Association


Peeling back the curtain on some stories of triumph.


What’s Your Inspiration E040 Brer Brian Homa

January 31, 2019

He’s a multi-talented artist originally from Binghamton, New York with a wide range of musical dexterity.  Proficient on guitar, organ, and most everything in between, Brer Brian Homa has brought his musical sensibilities to many groups and bands including The New York Howl, The New York Fowlharmonic, and Them’s Good Eatin’.  Please join us as Brer recounts parts of his life and musical journey that could only be uniquely his.


New Leadership! Virtual Summit with the Public Speakers Association

January 14, 2019

Qualities of great leaders and their everlasting impact.


What’s Your Inspiration E039 Dave Grieco

January 1, 2019

Dave Grieco is a Jersey born singer/songwriter of gritty American music. He takes us on a ride recounting parts of musical journey and biggest influences.




Eliminate Barriers

December 15, 2018

Public Speakers Association Virtual Summit with Tonya Hofmann.


How can we overcome obstacles? 


A roadmap on how to overcome the seemingly impossible.....and win anyway!


What’s Your Inspiration E038 Matt Hagen

December 1, 2018

An 11-year veteran of professional baseball, Matt Hagen is in his fourth season in the Texas Rangers farm system, entering his third year as a manager.  He’s a loving husband, a handyman, a man of many travels, and a man of faith.


Bored? Never! Virtual Summit with the Public Speakers Association

November 16, 2018

Start the bar high, and raise it.

Stretch yourself, so much you can't take it.


Stories of people pushing themselves like never before.


What’s Your Inspiration E037 Jason Antalek

November 6, 2018


This episode’s guest is Jason Antalek, also known as Akashaman.  He is a spiritual teacher, international speaker, internet TV show host and akashic record reader, based in Littleton, Colorado.  Jason's passion is connecting people with their superpowers and how to apply those skills in daily life to overcome and excel past any obstacles.


Visit Jason at https://thespiritualhandyman.com/


What’s Your Inspiration E036 Luci McMonagle

October 9, 2018

Please meet Luci McMonagle.  A person of influence, talk show host and international bestselling author of Magical Money Manifestations, she is known for her ability to get people unstuck and open pathways that were closed prior.


“Stop Panicking” Virtual Summit with the Public Speakers Association

September 15, 2018

Encorging you to replace panic with self awareness, commitment, and confidence.

Stories of those who used those attributes to say goobye to their anxieties.